EKK Casting Process Simulation Software

Craft Pattern & Mold is proud to announce the acquisition of casting process simulation software from EKK, Farmington Hills, MI.  EKKcapcast is a powerful tool that analyzes both mold flow and solidification behavior of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. 

The software greatly enhances our ability to deliver quality parts, quickly.  By allowing our engineers to model and prove out gating and riser designs prior to tooling build or 3d printing of sand molds, problem areas can be identified and addressed early in the design cycle.  This leads to higher confidence in the gating system to yield defect free castings the first time.  

Once castings are poured, simulation results are validated by sectioning and radiography to insure soundness and conformance to customer specifications.  

Start your journey from prototype to production; contact us to find out how this technology can help get you a BETTER casting in LESS time!