3D Printing

ExOne S-Max Sand Printer

Craft offers sand cores and molds to production foundries as well as being able to offer prototype castings in days. No longer weeks from our own in-house ferrous and non-ferrous prototype foundry.

At Craft we know that service, quality and on time delivery is everything when it comes to providing parts and products to your customers. With our many years producing tooling for production foundries as well as prototype tooling for our own foundry. We have the skills and knowledge to aide in producing your complex 3D printed cores and molds.

How does it work? 
The sand printer lays down a layer of sand. Then the printer head runs across laying down a binder where the core is to be. The rest of the area will result in loose sand as support material. This process happens over and over until the printer fills a "job box" (70.9 x 39.37 x 27.56 Inches) When complete the job box comes out the side and the cores or molds are extracted, cleaned and either assembled and sent over to our pouring lines or packaged up and shipped directly to your foundry.

What is the added benefit?
When parts make sense to print either from a complexity, quantity or timeline standpoint. We can print the cores or molds directly from sand skipping the time and cost of producing soft tooling. From an engineering standpoint. The benefit is design freedom, no need to sacrifice design for manufacturability.

How can I get a quote?
Contact our quoting department at Sales@craftpattern.com

Give us a call at 763-675-3169 or feel free to stop out and see the machine in action.