CNC Machining

With the ability to machine castings, extrusions, forged and billet materials, Craft has the experience, equipment and expertise to suit your prototype and low volume precision machining needs.

We offer a variety of CNC machining options, including:

  • Wide range of CAD (drawing) & CAM (programming) capabilities
  • Machining of most commercially available plastics and metal alloys
  • (24) CNC mills and lathes with travel from 16" up to 145”
  • 3, 4 & 5-axis machining
  • CMM inspection & certification



A balanced part is necessary to ensure a system functions free of excess harmful vibration that would otherwise shorten the life of a component or lead to catastrophic system failure.  The amount of allowable imbalance is dependent upon the end use application and service conditions of the component.  

ISO 1940 Balancing Grades

We offer single plane, dynamic balancing of rotors, sheaves, pulleys and other critical parts used in rotating systems.  This process is integrated into our turnkey manufacturing solutions and is also offered as a contract service to machine shops and equipment builders looking for component balancing services.  


CAD/CAM Software

We have a diverse suite of both CAD and CAM softwares to service our modeling and programming needs.  Parts are machined to your specifications using your 3d files and toleranced 2d prints.  




We take pride in supplying our customers the quality prototype and production parts you demand.  Dimensional inspection is conducted using a combination of CMMs, Faro portable measuring arms and laser scanners. 

Metal chemistry is verified by spectrometer and test bars are poured with each heat to ensure conformance to material specifications.  Upon request, we can supply customized PPAP documentation to meet your quality needs including NDT inspection and material certifications.



Major Equipment List


Haas ES5 4-axis

(2x) Haas EC1600YZT 4-axis


(2x) UMC-750SS


(2x) UMC-1250SS



Mitutoyo Crystal-Apex S123010 CMM

FARO 8' Quantum Arm w/Laser Scanner

FARO 8' Platinum Arm w/Laser Scanner


Haas VM6 4-axis

Haas VM3 4-axis

Haas VF5  4-axis

Haas VF9  4-axis

Haas VF11  4-axis

(3x) Milltronics VM20 4-axis

Milltronics VM16

Milltronics RH19

(2x) Milltronics RH30

Bridge Mills

(2x) Haas GR712

Milltronics BR50


Mazak QTS 300