Foundry Services

Metal Casting

Two continuous airset sand mixers feed our melting and pouring operations. Complex cores are either blown or produced on our in-house ExOne 3D sand printer.

Non-ferrous alloy requirements are serviced by 50# and 600# gas melt furnaces located in plant #1. These units are capable of handling the most common commercially available aluminum and zinc alloys.  Solution heat treating and artificial aging of aluminum alloys, as well as stress relieving of ferrous alloys, is done on-site in one of our two batch heat treat ovens.   

Ferrous alloys are induction melted in plant #2.  Sand molds up to 1250 lbs can be poured.  With each heat, chemistries are checked and validated via spectrometer and test bars are poured and pulled to ensure conformance to ASTM and customer specific specifications.

***Click here for a summary of alloys we work with