Craft's Product Development Center

Our Product Development Center is staffed with an experienced team of craftsmen who utilize state-of-the-art computer, molding, casting, and machining technologies to deliver cutting edge prototype and production tooling solutions. A full spectrum of metal casting alloys and plastic molding resins are employed to suit your prototyping needs.
In 2011 we moved from a 15,000 sq-ft building into a new 50,000 sq-ft complex located in Montrose, MN.  With nearly 35,000 sq-ft of manufacturing space and almost 15,000 sq-ft of warehousing, the move afforded us the ability to grow and enhance our on-site tooling, casting and machining operations.  Within the first year, we doubled our machining capacity, added to inspection capabilitites and increased our sand molding capacity two-fold to deal with the increased demand for quick turn, high integrity prototype parts and production tooling.
In 2013, we again expanded by implementing an on-site ferrous melting operation to complement our non-ferrous melting operations.  Housed in a separate 5,000 sq-ft building, the new addition has greatly enhanced our ability to offer the quality ferrous metal alloys our customers demand.